Monday, April 7, 2014

Catch Up

Lately I've been stupid busy, and will continue to be until the end of next week. It's recital season, so I had a performance today, giving a recital on Thursday, and giving my "real" recital next Friday. Boo. I have a lot of problems with anxiety, so giving recitals is not my favorite. DISLIKE. Then why have you been getting degrees in music performance for 10 years? Why indeed. Anyway, here are several days worth outfits that I took pictures of but didn't get around to posting. There's one with the striped pants and blue top I'll have to retake later because the pictures were so bad. So bad. I think I need to be more imaginative. The cowl top and gray blazer are already on here twice, red shoes too. Push me out of my comfort zone, 30x30!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Day 2

Ross cardigan/Paper Kite blouse via ThredUp/H&M pants/F21(?) necklace/Report shoes

Do you ever have one of those days where you wear less makeup than usual and everyone asks if you're sick? I was super busy all day, and didn't have time to shower or put on much makeup. So anyway, I wound up walking around looking like a scruffy nerf herder with weird-fitting pants and what appear to be slippers. What's with these pants? They seem okay in person.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


H&M blazer/Gap dress (thrifted)/Old Navy shoes/boutique necklace

I've always wanted to do a 30x30 challenge, and although it doesn't look like anybody is doing that right now I think I will. Last month's spending was pretty outrageous, and I'm hoping this will encourage me to get more use out of the items I have and not buy any more frickin' clothes. Here's the lineup, with cameos of our orange couch:

 3 jeans, 3 slacks, 3 neutral skirts (#9 is navy), 3 patterned skirts

 1 cardigan (oh no!), 3 neutral blazers, 1 chambray
1 patterned dress, 1 solid dress

2 tees, 9 blouses mostly solids (#26 is plum)

Mostly I chose neutral completer pieces and bottoms, and tried to mix up different silhouettes and colors with blouses. It'll be fun to see how different I can make each outfit. I threw some challenges in there to push my boundaries:
#4 is new, not quite sure how to style it
#10-12 will be fun since I tend to avoid my patterned skirts (why do I do that?)
#13: only 1 cardigan, seriously? 
#17 I rarely wear. I was hoping to put my mustard cardi in here, but the laundry elves still haven't gotten to it so...
#18 is a little short for work
#23 is brown, and I really haven't been wearing brown the last couple years
#26 requires a strapless bra (which I don't own but need for my recital in two weeks anyway)

So yeah, lots of challenges. I'm kind of excited about mixing different neutrals (white blazer, brown top, navy skirt anyone?); that's kind of nerdy I guess. I always enjoy seeing the shenanigans people get up to in these 30x30s as they get more desperate. Should be fun!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Thrifty Face

H&M blazer/F21 top (thrifted)/xoxo pants (Ross)/Report shoes (Ross)/Charming Charlie necklace

I finally got around to cleaning up a bit, so I didn't have to go outdoors and embarrass myself in front of the neighbors today. That's qualifies as a good day, I think. I was getting a little concerned in the first pic because D was looking at me and judging, then in the second I was giving him what I thought was a subtle look. 

Anyway, decorating the apartment has been an ongoing project (now finished??), so I was glad for an excuse to show off my awesome midcentury dining room finds. I got the table set from a vintage furniture place that was moving out of the area ($150) and the china cabinet was full of stuff, hidden away at the scary antique mall ($250). Did I haggle the price of these items down? You know I did, and delivery fees too. The whimsical strawberry teapot, cat pitcher and vegetable-shaped pot holders I found at Goodwill. You can't really see it because of the reflection in the glass, but there's an orange atomic percolator in there. I found that (and a bunch of other fabulous stuff) for cheap in a thrift store in Iowa when I was on tour last summer. There's a story for pretty much everything in this picture. Thrifting is fun!

Let's play Find the Ghetto Apartment Thing! There's something about pretty much every room in our apartment that betrays its ghetto-ness. 5-4-3-2-1. Find it? You guessed it! There's no cover on the ceiling light. It's the only ceiling light in our apartment, and it fell and shattered when the upstairs neighbors were playing pogo sticks or whatever the hell it was they kept doing. Our landlords refuse to replace it. Thanks for playing Find the Ghetto Apartment Thing!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Clown Feet

H&M blazer/Anne Klein blouse (via ThredUp)/RedBlue jeans/Old Navy shoes/Charming Charlie necklace/Zenni Optical glasses

After doing much sandal and summer accessory research, I finally put some plans into action yesterday. I decided to get some higher quality sandals from Ross (Report and Kenneth Cole Reaction) instead of sandals from Charlotte Russe (it was cheaper too). Presumably they'll last longer, but who knows. I've had great luck with Report shoes and I always think the Kenneth Cole ones are cute so win-win.
1. Report cognac d'orsay flats    
2. Kenneth Cole Reaction cognac wedge sandals      
3. Report mint gladiators

A. The color got all weird in these. That table is mustard colored!
B. Yes, I wear size 10 shoes. Point and laugh. I got my grandma's feet. She was around 4'11", 90 lbs and had size 11 feet. You couldn't tip her over. Very stable. Yesterday at Ross I overheard some ladies scoffing at the size 10 section: "Size 10! Who wears size 10?!" The person shopping in the size 10 section three feet from you maybe. Anyway, eventually another person joined me in the size 10s, and I think we were both surprised to see another giant-footed freak allowed in public.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Jabby Stabbers


H&M blazer, sunglasses/Ross blouse/Old Navy denim, shoes

I have a good story from today and a funny story from yesterday. Today my husband got an awesome commission for an article for Nautilus magazine (YAY!). So that's awesome. My other story is that yesterday I didn't see D's free weights sitting on the bedroom floor and buried the handle of one into my right ankle (boo). I'm hoping to get a sweet bruise, but so far only pain. I can get a bruise from putting my elbows on my legs, but no bruise from jabbing my ankle on a stabby thing.

Friday, March 28, 2014


In Phoenix, we have two seasons: Nice, and PUNISH. Right now it's still Nice, but soon it will be PUNISH, when we are collectively asked to atone for the sins of humanity. During Nice, I was able to wear fluffy scarves, boots, and make shorter skirts work-appropriate with leggings but those halcyon days are coming to an end. Lately I've been doing some online comparison shopping for PUNISH-appropriate accessories and shoes (I have 1 pair of sandals- wut?). You know me, paying more than $20 for anything makes me hyperventilate, so I spend a non-insignificant amount of time looking for that magical Venn middle where cute and cheap overlap. I enjoy it.

One strategy I employ is to go to the site for a store I know to be cute and cheap (like Charming Charlie), throw whatever I like in the cart and see what it comes up to. After intimidating myself in this way (see where we'd be if you had no self control?!), I go back through my cart and get rid of anything that I don't absolutely need with a burning lust. It's harder for me to justify getting things I like but don't love online because the shopping cart makes a much better running tally than my head computer does, and it's scary seeing it all typed out like that. I have no problem totally emptying my cart (or narrowing it down to a couple of "almosts" and coming back to empty it in a few days) because it doesn't feel like wasted time. That was time I spend refining what I'm looking for and narrowing down places to look for it in.

For this PUNISH, I'm thinking of getting maybe 2 or 3 statement necklaces (one metallic), cognac sandals, patterned or bright sandals, and I need a new wallet. That's what I would feel guiltless about buying. Letting my id free on Target, Charming Charlie and Charlotte Russe (and, godhelpus, Modcloth), I see all sorts of tote bags, watches, oxfords and patterned flats appearing in the cart.

Here are some necklaces I'm currently buy-curious about:

Charming Charlie ($15)                                         Charming Charlie ($15)

Charming Charlie ($15)                                          Charming Charlie ($13)

Modcloth ($27.99)                                                   Modcloth ($12.99)

And for a last little bit of whimsy, a nod to my newest embarrassing obsession:
Dog Whisperer
                                                                    Modcloth ($31.99)