Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Agent Smith Needs a Haircut

 H&M blazer/Kohls top/Banana Republic skirt (ThredUp!)/Report sandals

Most days I wind up wearing two different outfits to accommodate multiple jobs and multiple dress codes. In the afternoons, I teach at a high school with a dress code so I have to look professional. There are strict rules about strap width, neckline depth, skirt length and we cannot wear jeans or tees (except on Fridays). I'm not completely sure we're allowed to wear sandals, but I decided to test that today and no one said anything. Probably okay?

same everything/Merona wide leg jeans/Old Navy snakeskin flats

In the mornings, I TA at a university. Since I'm not a real professor the dress expectations are much lower. I need to look a step above the students, but since they're wearing sweats, no makeup and glasses to their 8am class it doesn't take much. While I was putting on pants, a dust storm rolled into town. I waited til the wind let down, but in the 10 seconds I was taking pictures it started sprinkling. How? We live in the desert! There's one picture where I'm running to the camera with a facial expression that looks like Hugo Weaving. Not a good look on a woman. It wasn't raining inside (a little dusty, though).


  1. Love the look of your purple top with your grey blazer! So polished and professional. Gorgeous necklace, too.


    1. Thanks! I feel so powerful in that necklace.