Friday, March 28, 2014


In Phoenix, we have two seasons: Nice, and PUNISH. Right now it's still Nice, but soon it will be PUNISH, when we are collectively asked to atone for the sins of humanity. During Nice, I was able to wear fluffy scarves, boots, and make shorter skirts work-appropriate with leggings but those halcyon days are coming to an end. Lately I've been doing some online comparison shopping for PUNISH-appropriate accessories and shoes (I have 1 pair of sandals- wut?). You know me, paying more than $20 for anything makes me hyperventilate, so I spend a non-insignificant amount of time looking for that magical Venn middle where cute and cheap overlap. I enjoy it.

One strategy I employ is to go to the site for a store I know to be cute and cheap (like Charming Charlie), throw whatever I like in the cart and see what it comes up to. After intimidating myself in this way (see where we'd be if you had no self control?!), I go back through my cart and get rid of anything that I don't absolutely need with a burning lust. It's harder for me to justify getting things I like but don't love online because the shopping cart makes a much better running tally than my head computer does, and it's scary seeing it all typed out like that. I have no problem totally emptying my cart (or narrowing it down to a couple of "almosts" and coming back to empty it in a few days) because it doesn't feel like wasted time. That was time I spend refining what I'm looking for and narrowing down places to look for it in.

For this PUNISH, I'm thinking of getting maybe 2 or 3 statement necklaces (one metallic), cognac sandals, patterned or bright sandals, and I need a new wallet. That's what I would feel guiltless about buying. Letting my id free on Target, Charming Charlie and Charlotte Russe (and, godhelpus, Modcloth), I see all sorts of tote bags, watches, oxfords and patterned flats appearing in the cart.

Here are some necklaces I'm currently buy-curious about:

Charming Charlie ($15)                                         Charming Charlie ($15)

Charming Charlie ($15)                                          Charming Charlie ($13)

Modcloth ($27.99)                                                   Modcloth ($12.99)

And for a last little bit of whimsy, a nod to my newest embarrassing obsession:
Dog Whisperer
                                                                    Modcloth ($31.99)

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