Sunday, March 30, 2014

Clown Feet

H&M blazer/Anne Klein blouse (via ThredUp)/RedBlue jeans/Old Navy shoes/Charming Charlie necklace/Zenni Optical glasses

After doing much sandal and summer accessory research, I finally put some plans into action yesterday. I decided to get some higher quality sandals from Ross (Report and Kenneth Cole Reaction) instead of sandals from Charlotte Russe (it was cheaper too). Presumably they'll last longer, but who knows. I've had great luck with Report shoes and I always think the Kenneth Cole ones are cute so win-win.
1. Report cognac d'orsay flats    
2. Kenneth Cole Reaction cognac wedge sandals      
3. Report mint gladiators

A. The color got all weird in these. That table is mustard colored!
B. Yes, I wear size 10 shoes. Point and laugh. I got my grandma's feet. She was around 4'11", 90 lbs and had size 11 feet. You couldn't tip her over. Very stable. Yesterday at Ross I overheard some ladies scoffing at the size 10 section: "Size 10! Who wears size 10?!" The person shopping in the size 10 section three feet from you maybe. Anyway, eventually another person joined me in the size 10s, and I think we were both surprised to see another giant-footed freak allowed in public.

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