Thursday, March 27, 2014

Illusions and Secrets

 Kohls cardigan/Ross top, H&M pants, BCBGeneration shoes/Zennioptical glasses


I felt like a magician in this outfit because I was making some serious illusions. Speaking of giant boobs, y'all should check out the Get a Bra that Fits guide. Anyway, I love the pattern on these pants. It seems like at H&M is kind of inconsistent with sizes, and 8s they had in these were too small so I sized up. Not sure it was a good idea. My body is kind of weirdly shaped in that I have a wide waist, but a flat butt and skinny legs. These were comfortable (maybe a little loose) in the waist but droopy in the butt and too roomy in the thigh. Might have just had a bad 8 and should have tried on another 8 since that's my usual (it's happened before). Is it inappropriate to return things after wearing them a couple of times? It feels wrong. I've literally worn them twice, about 12 hours total. A regular person would get them tailored I suppose.

  same cardigan, top, glasses/Red&Blue jeans/Lifestride heels/Charlotte Russe scarf

Play (wait, still work)

Chose to wear heels for the casual part of the days instead of flats. It's hard for me to wear heels at school because it's all waxed tile and I'm not a great figure skater. These heels are actually really easy to walk in though because the soles (including heels) have this great squishy rubber instead of the stupid plastic bits you get with the cheaper heels (presumably higher quality heels have nice soles but I wouldn't know about that). I think they're made for old women but they're about 3.5". "But HK, where are your whimsical and age-inappropriate animals today?" Why, hidden in the scarf my dear.

Speaking of age-inappropriate prints, here's the wallet/clutch I've been eyeing. Might have to casually drop a line about buying it "for a friend."

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