Sunday, March 23, 2014

Picture Day

Gap dress (thrifted), ambiance apparel cardigan (Ross), Old Navy shoes, F21 necklace (similar)

This here I wore out to a fancy luncheon at the Ikea cafeteria and brisk constitutional 'round the displays. This is the high life, ladies and gents. Later, D. and I lost spectacularly at Ticket to Ride (AKA The Train Game) in a high-stress, cutthroat, no-holds-barred battle of strategy and wit with people we consider to be friends but also threatened to cut numerous times. Okay, so I lost spectacularly and made empty threats. At some point I think I called someone a "burnt-up slut" for taking a route essential to my strategy, but frankly now I don't remember who I need to apologize to.

Additionally, I had a bunch of fun taking pictures for the How to Build a Wardrobe series. Like some sort of clothing photography secret agent, I waited behind the front door with my tripod and camera at the ready, listening to see if the coast was clear. When all was silent, I would dash out, set up the equipment like it was some sort of emergency or something, then act all casual like the camera had nothing to do with me and it was all a coincidence that I was striking poses under the stairs in front of it. That's not mine, officer. At one point there was a near miss. I thought it was all clear, put my hand on the doorknob to go out and BOOM- an entire family of giggling children and adults walk right past. Chilling. These outfits will all go in the How to Build an Outfit page with some discussion, but for now here are some of the more goofy poses.

Did I intentionally arrange these so I look like I'm looking down, then up at myself? Yes, yes I did.


  1. This is awesome!! I love your style.

  2. Love all these outfits and how you cutely arranged them (the looking up and down)! I really like the elephant necklace and red flats.


    1. Thanks! I have to try hard not to wear the red shoes every day. They're still at Old Navy if you're interested!