Monday, March 31, 2014

Thrifty Face

H&M blazer/F21 top (thrifted)/xoxo pants (Ross)/Report shoes (Ross)/Charming Charlie necklace

I finally got around to cleaning up a bit, so I didn't have to go outdoors and embarrass myself in front of the neighbors today. That's qualifies as a good day, I think. I was getting a little concerned in the first pic because D was looking at me and judging, then in the second I was giving him what I thought was a subtle look. 

Anyway, decorating the apartment has been an ongoing project (now finished??), so I was glad for an excuse to show off my awesome midcentury dining room finds. I got the table set from a vintage furniture place that was moving out of the area ($150) and the china cabinet was full of stuff, hidden away at the scary antique mall ($250). Did I haggle the price of these items down? You know I did, and delivery fees too. The whimsical strawberry teapot, cat pitcher and vegetable-shaped pot holders I found at Goodwill. You can't really see it because of the reflection in the glass, but there's an orange atomic percolator in there. I found that (and a bunch of other fabulous stuff) for cheap in a thrift store in Iowa when I was on tour last summer. There's a story for pretty much everything in this picture. Thrifting is fun!

Let's play Find the Ghetto Apartment Thing! There's something about pretty much every room in our apartment that betrays its ghetto-ness. 5-4-3-2-1. Find it? You guessed it! There's no cover on the ceiling light. It's the only ceiling light in our apartment, and it fell and shattered when the upstairs neighbors were playing pogo sticks or whatever the hell it was they kept doing. Our landlords refuse to replace it. Thanks for playing Find the Ghetto Apartment Thing!

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