Monday, March 24, 2014

To replace or not to replace?

 jacket (Vanity)/dress (H&M)/leggings (Ross)/shoes (Old Navy)

Pose #2 is what I like to call the Standing Flashdance. Got a little diva there. Douse me with water; I'm on FYAH!  I'm sorry.

This outfit wound up being a little problematic. I stubbed one of the shoes on concrete and chipped off some of the red. I went around looking like a chipped-nail hooker all the morning, but I was able to "fix" it with a red expo marker at school. Your tax dollars at work. My second issue today was fit in the jacket. It's not quite on trend (military style) but I was kind of digging the contrast between feminine and masculine elements between the dress and the jacket. But that does not excuse the poor fit. It's hard to tell in these photos, but it's a little big in the waist, and a lot big in the shoulders. If you look closely, you can see that the shoulder seam is creeping down my arm. It should be right at the corner of the shoulder.

Everyone's body has peculiarities that make finding perfectly-fitting clothes problematic. I've been known to compromise on fit because of price or convenience, but I'm trying to get better about that. Additionally, I have a lot of guilt problems buying replacements for shopping mistakes I made in the past so I wind up walking around wearing clothes that don't quite fit. 

For example, last year I was looking for mint skinny jeans because they were so trendy and cute. I found a pair of sea foam jeans that were totally the wrong shape for my body but they were only $9. And sea foam is really only a darker shade of mint, right? Naturally, I bought them. Seemed like a good idea at the time. I have worn them several times (really shouldn't have!) but I always hated them. 

Gross. I have a fabric fupa in those. There's so much extra fabric in weird places that it distorts my body shape. It looks like I have square hips and a colostomy bag. And enough room in the thighs to fit...another...pair of thighs? Oddly though, the ankles are really tight. Also, the Farrah hair was not a good look for me. Bad picture, bad! Yet I don't feel comfortable buying a proper pair of mint skinnies because I "already have a pair." The mind boggles. Looking at this picture it's apparent to me that no normal person would consider those to be anything approximating mint skinnies. And that those pants need to be killed with fire.
Wow, got a little heated up in that last paragraph. Anyway, I've been thinking of replacing the jean jacket for a while (over a year), but I already own a jean jacket (that one). To be fair, I got this jacket in college literally 10 years ago, and today was the first time I've worn it since I lost weight. And I wore it a lot during college. But it's cute. But it doesn't fit. If I was my friend, I would shake my shoulders and tell me, "don't wear things that don't fit, idiot!" I'm mean to my friends, I guess. "If you really want a denim jacket, go buy a cute one that actually fits your body. This one has done its duty and you shouldn't feel bad about putting it to pasture." And then I'd slap myself in the face.

Thinking about price per wear makes it easier to put things into perspective. The horrid sea foam jeans, although I haven't worn them much, were so cheap they're at probably $.75 per wear now. The denim jacket was more, but I wore it to death in college and at this point it's probably at $.10 per wear or less now ($30 for at least 300 wears over 10 years). I don't know what you consider to be a good cut off for price per wear. I try to be a frugal person, so to me $.75/wear might not be enough to replace but $.10/wear probably is. I don't feel comfortable wearing the jeans, so maybe I could turn them into cute, high-waisted cut-off shorts. Might be cute? Or I should just be a normal person and donate them without mutilating them so that someone with a different body shape can enjoy them. 

Anyway, I think I'm outing myself as a neurotic cheapskate with a rainman-like memory for how much clothes cost. Shhh, shhhh.


  1. If a piece doesn't fit you properly and/or doesn't make you feel good when you wear it, it is my opinion that it needs to go. It sounds like you got plenty of wear out of both the denim jacket and the sea foam pants, I say replace them :)


  2. You think so? I'm so terrible about insisting on good fit. There are so many things in my closet that I see and think "that's so cute!" but never wear because I know it doesn't look right. I was thinking of doing a big fit analysis post. What are your thoughts about fit?