Monday, April 7, 2014

Catch Up

Lately I've been stupid busy, and will continue to be until the end of next week. It's recital season, so I had a performance today, giving a recital on Thursday, and giving my "real" recital next Friday. Boo. I have a lot of problems with anxiety, so giving recitals is not my favorite. DISLIKE. Then why have you been getting degrees in music performance for 10 years? Why indeed. Anyway, here are several days worth outfits that I took pictures of but didn't get around to posting. There's one with the striped pants and blue top I'll have to retake later because the pictures were so bad. So bad. I think I need to be more imaginative. The cowl top and gray blazer are already on here twice, red shoes too. Push me out of my comfort zone, 30x30!

1 comment:

  1. Great outfits! I love the second one, the grey+red pairing is so pretty!