How to Build a Wardrobe

My goal was (and still is) to have a functioning wardrobe with great pieces that work together to create exciting and varied outfits. Before my "sartorial awakening," I had some pieces that I liked and a lot of old stuff that I had settled for because it's what was available at the time. There was basically no rhyme or reason to my closet and putting on clothes in the morning was a crapshoot. I admired stylish women I knew but had no idea why they looked great and I looked like Captain Random.

A couple of years ago I dropped a bunch of weight and suddenly had an opportunity to completely reinvent my closet. Excite! I did a ton of research to make sure I did it the right way instead of blowing money on random crap from the thrift store like I would have back in the day. After many, many hours trawling various how-to guides, personal style blogs and subreddits I felt armed with a strategy for building a working closet.

How to Build an Outfit (coming soon!)
Define Your Taste
Determine Your Needs
Get a Bra that Fits
Go Shopping!
Tend Your Closet

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